Our Directors

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Our Directors

Allison Watkins, MSW, LCSW
Leslie H. Petruk, MA, LPC, NCC

Our Counselors

Heather L. Douglas, MSW, LCSW
Laura Duke, MSW, LCSW
Sandy Garmon, MA, PLC, NCC
Michael Kahn, MEd, LPC, JD
Valerie Krall, MA, LPA, LPC
Dori Luke, MSW, LCSW
Elizabeth Neal, MA, LPA
Katherine O’Kane Arnette, CRC, LPC, NCC
Inez M. Serventi, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Michel Icard Van Devender, MSW, LCSW-P

SteppingStones Counseling and Consulting PLLC is a consortium of independent practitioners.