Different types of sex positions for different situations

Sex is one activity that has different effects; people have sex for various reasons. For instance, people have sex when they want a baby, are under some form of stress, want to make money, and when they have some form of confidence issues. Well, different sex style will enhance sex and make the activity more pleasurable. There are different types of sex positions which are suited for different situations. Visit Audiosexstories.net for different types of sex positions for different situations. Let us explore some of these sex positions;

Different sex position

Baby making

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You can get pregnant from any sex position provided that the man is fertile and the lady is ovulating. There are, however, particular positions that are recommended which increases the chances of individuals getting pregnant. If you want to get pregnant, then try the old-fashioned sex style that is referred to as the missionary with the pelvic tilt. The missionary style is also called the “male on top.” To elevate your pelvis, put the pillow under your hips. This according to health experts will create the slide effect which will make the traveling of the sperms easier. Women who try this style tend to reach orgasm.


At times your confidence may be low due to a job loss or something related to that. Well, if that is the situation then there is a sex position for that. The woman on top is an ideal position for this. Having a woman on top during a sexual encounter will no doubt increase his confidence. This is attributed to the fact that during the sexual act in this position, the woman will be in control. For a woman to get her confidence back, they are advised to do it their way. This sex position can be done when facing backward, facing forward, squatting, and when kneeling. Whatever way you decide make sure it is that that you love most.

Long-lasting sex

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Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sex problems among the men. This is a condition whereby the men are not able to sustain themselves in a sexual encounter for a long time. They ejaculate as soon as they start having sex. And since sex is an act of two people, the other partner is usually left unsatisfied. It has been established that the “male on top” is a great position if you want the last long during sex. This position is ideal because the man is controlling. He can either start or stop at any given time or increase and decrease the intensity. This will no doubt affect the sexual act.…

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