Benefits of Using Lubricants

The usage of lubricant is one of the ways that can bring partners closer. It significantly sexual contacts. Most people believe that it only helps in the sheets, but gel lubricants provide more than that. They also have physical and emotional benefits. Below are some reasons why couples should use lubricant.

It makes Foreplay Good

couple making out Lubricants can be incorporated in foreplay by couples in various ways. For instance, it can be used in place of massage oil. Some people get turned on by massages before intercourse. They provide sensual relaxation and massages are an excellent way to put women in the mood. For women who experience dry intimate areas, they can use the lubricant during foreplay to add on to their pleasure before intercourse.

It Heightens Sensations

Lubricants make everything feel better. It does not matter whether your partner is well endowed or whether they are petite. Lubricants play a vital role in facilitating a cohesive feel for both partners.

Prevents Infection

This may come as a surprise, but lubricants help to prevent infections. The moisturizers in the lubricants can protect the skin down below. The skin there is often sensitive, but the lubricants will protect it thus preventing the risk of bladder infections. In addition to this, the moisturizers will prevent the skin from breaking and even tearing.

Keeps Contraception from Breaking

Water and gel-based lubricants play a significant role in reducing friction. This keeps latex contraception intact and reduces its chances of tearing. Another benefit of lubricants is that if you put a few drops inside a condom before your partner wears it, his pleasure will be significantly enhanced.

Increases Intimacy Time

If you are not well lubricated, you could experience dryness and even pain if the intercourse lasts long. However, by using a lubricant, you can go for more extended and more passionate sessions without encountering such problems.

Good for Masturbation

woman with blond hair posingWhether males or females are using the lubricants, they sure will help in increasing pleasure during masturbation. It is hard for men to masturbate without lubrication but some of the products they use to lubricate themselves may be harsh on their skin, and they may get infections. This applies to women as well. It is even worse for females because vaginas are sensitive and any slight irritation may lead to discomfort or irritation. Lubricants are safe, and they provide more pleasure as compared to lotions and oils.…

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